wisp-queen asked:

Saying asexuality is a result of a "condition" is just ignorant. Orientations regard who you're attracted too, and we're not attracted to any gender. Simple. As for the spectrum, I think that has to do with the fact that gender and genitals are not the same, as any trans or nonbinary person can testify. We may not care for what's in someone's pants, but that doesn't mean we don't want to be loved. Gender and sexuality are 4-dimensional constructs, we don't all fit in your perfect boxes.

justsjthings answered:

Saying asexuality is a condition is a fact. Orientations regard who you are sexually attracted to, and asexuals do not experience sexual attraction. Simple. As for the spectrum, it doesn’t exist, because regardless of your gender or genitals, asexuals do not experience sexual attraction. Love is not the same as sexual attraction and can be experienced without it; romance does not have to be sexual. “4-dimensional” refers to length, area, volume, and time, and it is the dimension we live in, and as a result, we can only see 3 dimensions.

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Wow. Whole load of utter bullshit.

You can’t tell GSRM people how to identify. And calling asexuality a /condition/ makes it seem as if something is wrong from them for not feeling sexual attraction. And that is fucking bullshit.